Storytelling Project

Storytelling Project 
By Kent Scheer


A Local Storytelling Project 

When you live in a farming region, like we do, you will hear the occasional complaint about a plane over-spraying herbicide on someone's roses or about a family who lost their well from water pollution. We tend to skim past these accounts. Maybe that's because it's not anyone we really know or even because it just sounds like complaining.

But, hear that story firsthand from the man or woman who lived it and it is no longer forgettable. These cases of industrial ag carelessness bring real illness, anger, and despair. People stay awake, lose gardens, throw away sheets and pillowcases, and even move. Dreams are lost and lives are changed.

Toxic Taters is making a collection of personal stories from people whose lives have been affected by neighboring large-scale agricultural excess. The purpose is to show just how real and life changing this can be.  Examples worth telling would be families experiencing water pollution, run-off, chemical overspray, noise pollution, or overwhelming odors.

If you have a story please share it. You can begin by contacting [email protected] for details.

No matter what your writing ability, if you tell it to your best, people will listen.


"So Why Not Just Move" - Bev St.John

"What Does it Take" - Mike Tauber 

"Water is Necessary for Survival" - Evelyn Bellanger 

"Concerns over Agriculture Pesticide use" - Dianne Wylie

"Discouraged" - Don Twaddle 

"Our Green Island Story" - Kent Scheer & Vicki Chepulis

"Poisoning My Dream" - Carol Ashley 

"For the Love of Family and Culture" - Bev St. John

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