McDonald's: No More Toxic Taters!

McDonald's claims that their potatoes are produced sustainably, but rural residents in central Minnesota know differently: pesticide drift from potato fields is a major problem. Hazardous pesticides applied to McDonald's potatoes may cause chronic health problems, damage nearby crops and livestock, and disrupt local ecosystems. Tell McDonald's to do the right thing and transition to truly sustainable potato production.

Note: In 2014, we delivered this petition to McDonald's with more than 20,000 signatures. With our new website we're restarting the petition. When you add your name here, you're joining more than 20,000 people who have already called on McDonald's to cut potato pesticides!


To: Steve Easterbrook, CEO, McDonald's 
From: [Your Name]

As the largest purchaser of potatoes in the United States, McDonald’s has incredible influence over the way potatoes are produced. You recognized this opportunity in 2009 when McDonald’s pledged to reduce the application of pesticides used by your potato suppliers.

We know that farmers across the country are growing potatoes with cutting edge practices that avoid the use of health-harmful pesticides. Unfortunately, McDonald’s is still sourcing potatoes from companies like RDO that frequently use drift-prone and health-hazardous chemicals.

RDO’s application of pesticides is drifting into rural communities. Communities in rural Minnesota have measured the fungicide chlorothalonil and other pesticides drifting into their homes, farms, schools, and businesses.

French fries are delicious, but they shouldn’t come at such a cost. You have the power to make a difference for these communities. We urge you to make the following changes:

  1. McDonald’s makes its potato producers — like RDO — achieve measurable and significant decrease in their use of health-harming pesticides.
  2. McDonald’s sets a standard requiring their potato producers to release information on the chemicals they apply to their crops.
  3. McDonald’s funds an independently-conducted human and ecological health study on the regions impacted by potato production.
  4. McDonald’s insist potato producers adopt environmentally sound sustainable agriculture practices.

Who's signing

Lisa Pugh
Iveta Los
Sophia Valdes
Michele McDevitt
Susan Hutko
Kelly Molina
deb sch
Jonathon Bolyea
thomas dambrine
Delicia Burnell
Gail Farmer
Sujitra Murphy
Kathie Iannicelli
Amy Lynn
Jane Wilson
Eric Brooker
Rick Janke
Heather Rose
Robin Kriebel
donna dangelo
Lynn Fuhs
Benjamin Deslauriers
Larry Wartels
Diane Johnston
elisha naylor
Judy Chucker
Don & Linda West
899 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Lisa Pugh
    signed 2016-10-08 13:01:30 -0500
  • Iveta Los
    signed 2016-10-08 12:43:55 -0500
  • Sophia Valdes
    signed 2016-10-08 12:11:29 -0500
  • Michele McDevitt
    signed 2016-10-08 12:06:15 -0500
  • Susan Hutko
    signed 2016-10-08 10:45:23 -0500
  • Kelly Molina
    signed 2016-10-08 10:16:24 -0500
  • deb sch
    signed 2016-10-08 10:04:35 -0500
  • Jonny Bolyea
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-10-08 09:45:51 -0500
    McD's can raise standards for potato producers to protect local communities from toxic pesticides. Sign the petition!
  • Jonathon Bolyea
    signed 2016-10-08 09:45:16 -0500
  • Breaking Bread Café
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-10-08 08:08:56 -0500
    McD's can raise standards for potato producers to protect local communities from toxic pesticides. Sign the petition!
  • thomas dambrine
    signed 2016-10-08 08:08:25 -0500
  • Delicia Burnell
    signed 2016-10-08 07:49:03 -0500
  • Gail Farmer
    signed 2016-10-08 07:48:52 -0500
  • Sujitra Murphy
    signed 2016-10-08 07:35:05 -0500
  • Kathie Iannicelli
    signed 2016-10-08 06:38:07 -0500
  • Amy Lynn
    signed 2016-10-08 01:34:21 -0500
  • Jane Wilson
    signed 2016-10-07 22:30:08 -0500
  • Eric Brooker
    signed 2016-10-07 21:36:38 -0500
  • Rick Janke
    signed 2016-10-07 21:16:46 -0500
  • Heather Rose
    signed 2016-10-07 20:45:57 -0500
  • Robin Kriebel
    signed 2016-10-07 20:43:08 -0500
  • donna dangelo
    signed 2016-10-07 19:16:37 -0500
  • Lynn Fuhs
    signed 2016-10-07 18:39:24 -0500
  • Benjamin Deslauriers
    signed 2016-10-07 17:20:46 -0500
  • Larry Wartels
    signed 2016-10-07 13:21:56 -0500
  • Diane Johnston
    signed 2016-10-07 10:41:34 -0500
  • elisha naylor
    signed 2016-10-07 10:23:06 -0500
  • Judy Chucker
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-10-07 10:00:42 -0500
    McD's can raise standards for potato producers to protect local communities from toxic pesticides. Sign the petition!
  • Judy Chucker
    signed 2016-10-07 09:59:54 -0500
  • Don & Linda West
    signed 2016-10-07 08:01:10 -0500

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