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Over 36,000 restaurants in 119 countries? That's a lot of french fries!

McDonald's is one of the most recognized corporations in the world. It's also a major buyer of RDO potatoes, and the largest potato purchaser in the country. McDonald’s decisions drive the potato market.

In 2009, McDonald’s made a high-profile pledge to take action on the problem of pesticides on their potatoes. But near the potato fields in Minnesota, residents have seen no signs of pesticide reduction. And RDO has failed to release information on the chemicals they use or otherwise increase transparency about their practices.

McDonald's has the power to change the way potatoes are grown in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. That's why we're asking McDonald's to do these four things:

  1. Require that its potato suppliers, including RDO, achieve measurable and significant decrease in use of health harming pesticides
  2. Require its potato producers to release information on the chemicals they apply to their crops
  3. Fund an independent human and ecological health study on the regions impacted by potato production
  4. Ensure that its potato producers adopt environmentally sound, sustainable agriculture practices

You can help make it happen by signing our petition, joining our national event planning team, or hosting a local event as part of our national fall 2015 action. Want to help? Get in touch.

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