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Video editing/Videographer position


Toxic Taters is a multi-generational Native and non-Native, rural, grassroots community group that organizes people to advocate for themselves, as a community, to protect our land, air, water, and lives from the harms of chemically intensive corporate agribusiness in Minnesota.

Currently, over 45,000 acres of potatoes are farmed in Minnesota.  Most of these are farmed by RD Offutt (RDO).  Fungicides are sprayed on 98% of those acres.  During the height of the growing season spraying happens 1-2 times a week.  Not all of that spray stays on the fields where it is intended.  Drift is one of the significant problems of this type of farming.  Pesticides wind up in schools, homes, neighboring fields and farms, and other unintended places.  This is a problem.  The environment suffers and people do as well.  We need to do something about it.  That’s why we need you.



  • Tell the story of the Toxic Taters
  • Record the stories of those affected by pesticide drift and other impacts of corporate potato farming
  • Conduct the interviews
  • Edit the videos into a 2-4 minute long video (2-4 stories possibly) using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Experience & Skills Needed

Professional Experience Requirements

Interest or experience in video editing or videography.  Knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud a plus.  

Communication & Other Skills Requirements

Proven skill in communicating verbally and in writing, strong people skills including an ability to work with diverse groups, and competency with personal computers are all required. Sense of humor and ability to work in a sometimes busy office are both essential.


Physical & Environmental Demands:

  • Able to hold a lightweight camcorder for extended periods of time
  • Able to work at a computer for extended periods of time
  • On site video collection will require working outdoors.  This may mean being outside when it is hot, windy, buggy, or other conditions exist


Flexibility & Transportation

The position is 15 hour/ week 12 week possibly paid position with flexibility around the needs of the staff and the program.  The Toxic Taters office is located in Callaway, MN. Some hours may be completed off site though reliable transportation and ability to work at the office weekly is necessary.  


Position Outcomes

  • Staff will develop supervision, mentoring, and leadership skills
  • Staff will develop skills in reporting, videography, video editing, outreach, and communications
  • Staff will create videos for use by the Toxic Taters Coalition and their allied organizations regarding the impacts of large scale potato farming in Minnesota



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